Zinc Health Benefits for Men

Zinc Sexual Health Benefits

zinc health benefits for men

Zinc Health Benefits for Men

The zinc health benefits for men are substantial. It plays a part in many body functions, including digestion, healing of wounds, regulating stress levels and even creating DNA.

Men would find it interesting to know that zinc is found in significant amounts in the prostate gland and in semen. It also helps maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Zinc is essential for a man’s sexual health. It influences his sex drive, potency, fertility, sperm production and general sexual health. Low testosterone levels and decreased semen volume can largely be blamed on a lack of zinc in his system.

Zinc is found throughout the body but is especially concentrated in muscle tissue and organs such as the liver and kidneys. It’s important to ensure that you, as a man, consume the recommended daily dose of 11 milligrams to enjoy the zinc sexual health benefits.

Foods with high zinc content

For combating zinc deficiency, animal foods are better sources than plant foods. Here are the 10 most nutrient-dense zinc food sources:

  1. Oysters (also crab and lobster)

    zinc sexual health benefits for men

    Zinc-rich oysters

  2. Beef and lamb
  3. Toasted wheat germ (untoasted is also good)
  4. Spinach
  5. Punpkin and squash seeds (also sunflower, chia and flaxseeds)
  6. Cashew nuts (also pine nuts, pecans, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and hazel nuts)
  7. Cocoa powder (also dark baking chocolate)
  8. Pork (also chicken)
  9. Mung beans (also baked beans, adzuki, chickpeas and kidney beans)
  10. Mushrooms

Zinc deficiency signs

We’ve seen that zinc is a factor in many body functions. It follows that a zinc deficiency can have serious consequences – especially if severe, chronic and left untreated. Less radical problems could include weight loss, infections, dermatitis, hair loss, poor appetite, night-blindness and low testosterone.

When you consider that with each ejaculation a man can expend almost half of his daily allowance of zinc, it becomes clear that supplementing with zinc could be a way of ensuring that he receives an adequate supply of this essential mineral daily.

Two of the best sexual-health supplements for men that have zinc, in combination with other natural ingredients, are Testofuel (with oyster extract) and MaleExtra (45mg. of zinc per serving). The presence of the other elements is important because taking zinc on its own can lead to imbalances.

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