The Peyronie’s Traction Device – Review

Peyronies Traction Device

What is the Peyronie’s Traction Device?

Peyronies Traction DeviceThe Peyronie’s Traction Device has been scientifically designed for:

  • Fixing a curved penis;
  • Bent-penis straightening, even if you have a severe angle.

(Read more on Penis Curvature and Peyronies Disease here.)

If you are experiencing at least one of these symptoms, the Peyronies Traction Device can help you with:

  • Curved penis (upwards, downwards, to left or right)
  • “Peyronies plaque” (scar tissue in the penis)
  • Shortening of the penis (due to curvature or plaque build-up)
  • Pain or discomfort during erection
  • Weaker erections
  • Low libido

Choose between 2 treatment plans:

  1. Peyronies Treatment Plan – For those diagnosed with Peyronies Disease
  2. Curvature-Straightening Treatment Plan – To correct a naturally-occuring curve.

The Peyronies Traction Device is a fundamental part of both plans. It has the backing of the medical and clinical community world-wide. The Guarantee covers you for a whole six months.

Included with both treatment plans:

  • The Peyronies DeviceAvailable nowhere else, specifically developed to correct penis curvature. Made in Denmark to highest-quality standards.
  • Directional Noose Straightening System – Can correct curvature from all directions (left, right, up or down); use if you want to add extra tension to a specific direction.
  • The Perfect Grip™ System – Enables you to choose the grip that is best for you. Includes a choice of Noose, Velcro or Comfort Strap technology to ensure comfort and zero slippage.
  • Multi Head™ – This allows you to choose between 2 types of head, again choose the one that best suits you.
  • Comfort Foam and Latex Comfort Strips – Your comfort gets top priority when wearing the Device. The Comfort foams and Latex comfort strips ensure that you can wear the device comfortably for any amount of time. The longer you wear it, the quicker the results!
  • Spare parts for the Peyronies Traction Device – The Device is manufactured to the highest-quality standards and comes with a 6-month, money-back Guarantee. If anything breaks after that or goes missing, you can use the spare parts that are included free of charge with your Peyronies Device.
  • Extras – To keep your device safe and secure you’ll get an attractive, luxury box and security key; also included are important instructions and a usage plan.
  • Massage Techniques – A DVD showing 20+ massage techniques, demonstrated by a real person, to assist you in straightening your curvature and improving your erection hardness, ejaculation control and length gains.
  • Go Today™ Vitamin E Oil – This potent Vitamin E oil is a cornerstone of the Peyronies treatment and curvature-straightening plans.

Exclusive to the Peyronies Traction Device Treatment Plan:

  • Extreme Amino™ – A remarkable combination of 3 potent ingredients plus Piperine 95% makes this an essential component in the Peyronies treatment plan. The Piperine 95% increases the absorption of the active ingredients for better results.
  • Enzyme P500™ – There are 10 ingredients in this formula, including amazing Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Lipase which help reduce scar tissue and thus correct curvature. Using it in combination with the Peyronies Device will bring the most rapid results.
  • CoQ10 Enzyme+™ – Includes a massive 100mg. of Coenzyme Q10 and 50MG of Alpha Lipoic Acid. Combined with Piperine 95% will help speed up your results.
  • Your 6-month Guarantee – If this device does not deliver as promised, you can apply for a full cost refund within six months of receiving it, regardless of where in the world you live.

Your journey towards a straighter penis starts now!

Choose Your Treatment Package:

Peyronies Treatment Plan:

Peyronies Treatment Plan
Peyronies Treatment Plan

Curvature-Straightening Treatment Plan:

Order curvature-straightening treatment plan
Penis Straightening Plan

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