How to Increase Libido for Men

FAQs about VigFX

Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about VigFX. Feel free to contact the makers of VigFX directly if you have further questions about the product.

What is VigFX?how to increase libido for men

VigFX is an all-natural men’s virility supplement for libido and performance. It’s a gel version of the VigRX-Plus formula in an enteric-coated capsule with an extended release, meaning the contents are released more slowly and put to use more effectively.

What’s the difference between VigRX-Plus and VigFX?

VigFX is the VigRX formula but intensified with maximum absorption to get even more sexual enhancement benefits out of the product. As well, it’s enterically coded, meaning it protects the capsule from dissolving in stomach acid and delivers the formula to the intestine.

While competing products may only have a 10%-15% absorption rate, VigFX packs a noteworthy absorption close to 90%, so you get more of the clinically-proven VigRX-Plus formula and with highly enjoyable results.

In short, it’s a more extreme version of VigRX-Plus that permits the user even more desire for sex, intensity and pleasure.

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What’s so great about enteric coating?

Most male libido pills and pharmaceuticals deliver less than 20% of their formula to the intestines. The rest simply dissolves in stomach acid. Enteric coating is a special protective shell that guards the formula in the harsh environment of the gastro-intestinal system.

So you get the full sexual desire and performance-enhancement benefits of the VigRX Plus all-natural ingredients, meaning more stamina, control and an even larger, more impressive erection.

How is VigFX different to Viagra?

Viagra is a pharmaceutical ED pill typically suited for men with more advanced erection difficulties. You need a doctor’s prescription to buy it and it only works for one ‘session’ with no long-term benefit to sexual health and function.

VigFX is based on VigRX-Plus – the top-selling natural libido pill for men who want the desire and ability to have rewarding sex whenever they like. As well, with its extended release system, it provides even more noticeable results from VigRX-Plus’s already-powerful formula.

Is VigFX safe?

Not knowing your medical history, it’s impossible for us to say that VigFX will be completely safe for you if you have any pre-existing conditions or are taking medications. We’d suggest you speak with your doctor with these in mind or if you have any specific medical concerns or questions.

We think you’ll agree that makes sense.

That said, VigFX is an all-natural product manufactured at a GMP-compliant facility in the United States. The vast majority of men use VigFX with no problems whatsoever, and it’s very likely you’ll be among them.

Do I need a prescription to buy VigFX?

Nope. It being a natural dietary supplement, you can skip that embarrassing trip to the doctor and buy VigFX without a prescription.

When will I get results?

Most men report increased desire for sex within the first month, and greater endurance and control within 90 days. Remember that the results are cumulative with VigFX. The longer you use it, the better your results will be.

Is there scientific proof that it works?

Yes there is. Among other statistics, the VigFX formula is clinically proven to:

  • Increase intercourse satisfaction by 71.43%
  • Increase sex drive by 47%
  • Increase ability to sustain an erection during intercourse by 62.82%

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